DIY Cryolipolysis CoolSculpting® Procedure

I’m on day 3 of the pre-baseline testing using our DIY cryotherapy cryolipolysis Ice Flask device. (Yes it’s a frozen hip flask filled with antifreeze; you definitely don’t want to drink the contents).


Before subjecting my wife to any form of DIY cryolipolysis fat freezing I wanted to test it on myself. So what we have here is a hip flask with anti freeze coolant chilled to -4 degrees C. I’m testing it directly against my skin under 160mmhg compression for 20 minutes.

I will detail some of the research behind this experiment in a subsequent posting. There are a few things I noticed when reading the Harvard research that led to the Zyrtec medical device for Lipocryolisis.

Compression is key – blood to the fatty cutaneous layer needs to be temporarily restricted so the fat tissue can cool to about 10 degrees C. ( it doesn’t actually need to freeze; just cool to this).

I also elevated my leg to minimise blood flow to the inner thigh area.

I’m also very concerned about ice skin burns and want to test the safe time for application time on the inner thigh. Nobody wants a thigh gap with permanent scarring. No problems yesterday with 15 mins. I want to take it easy before running the test on my wife as ice burns can be irreversible.

A critical element to avoid any burning is to ensure no moisturiser or salt containing substance is present – as salt especially will lower the freezing point of ice and cause severe burning.

In the Harvard research one test didn’t have compression and used an ultra sound gel as a barrier cream. After 30 minutes 30% of test subjects ended up with severe skin burns. Was this due to lack of compression? The authors mentioned the copper on their prototype medical device was 3.5cm thick and suggest this might have cooled the area too rapidly? I will explore this in a later post.

So that’s my 20 mins up. Here is the after pic! This is my inner thigh so don’t get excited. We will publish pics of my wife later. I promise much less hairy.


10 minutes after application my skin is very cd to the touch. I’ve read that its important not to immediately have a hot shower. Also, in the Harvard research, when the scientists vigorously massaged the skin after lipo cryo lidos, 30% of subjects had severe skin burns. So I’ll do light massage but nothing more.

Away for 2 days with work. Looking forward to 30 mins with my new copper plate!

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The first post will be about my expeiences of Bio Hacking my wife.. and getting the  baseline data… more to follow.